Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

Tips to contribute to a zero carbon city


1. Become a Carbon Literate person or organisation www.carbonliteracy.com


2. Switch to a greener tariff or invest in renewable energy www.carboncoop.com and www.gmcr.co.uk


3. Get a smart meter and use it www.smartenergygb.org


4. Use less energy at home www.energysavingtrust.org


5. Sign your business up to the Green Growth support programme www.green-growth.org.uk


6. Use public transport, cycle or walk: www.tfgm.com


7. Follow the waste hierarchy of prevention, minimisation, reuse, recycle, recovery, disposal www.wrap.org.uk


8. Choose local, sustainable and seasonal food. Make sure to eat less meat and waste less: www.lovefoodhatewaste.com


9. Plant a tree: www.cityoftrees.org.uk


10. Sign your school up and work through the Eco Schools Bronze, Silver and Green Flag levels: www.eco-schools.org.uk