Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

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The climate is changing rapidly with effects being seen all over the UK and the world. People are also more than ever - aware, receptive and engaged in both the effects of climate change and how to mitigate them. However, there is still a gap between people's intentions to do good and the knowledge to choose the most effective actions to limit climate change.

A recent  “Good Energy” poll recently found that:


  • 61% of people are increasingly concerned about climate change, 
  • 65% are ready to make sustainable choices,
  • 42% are unclear which actions make a difference.


These statistics from the poll are vital when talking with communities, we are able to determine where the knowledge gaps are and see what and who needs to be pursued to ensure communities and residents are properly and positively engaged for climate action. 

The Manchester Climate Change Agency have created a survey to get an insight into Manchester’s knowledge of climate change and the climate emergency. The survey takes inspiration from both the BEIS Public Attitudes questionnaire and the Leeds Climate Commission’s surveys. We want to hear as many people's experiences with climate change, in as many communities across Manchester as possible, so as to gain an insight into how best The Manchester Climate Change Agency can first and foremost help your community, and then mitigate climate change.


Mancherster Climate Change Agency Survey